3TMAN interface

3TMAN is an easy and powerful tool to author complex and sophisticated multimedia presentation in a WYSIWYG manner.

3TMAN is an integrated solution of authoring multimedia for multi-platforms including: Html+Time authoring tool, Smil authoring tool, MPEG-4 authoring (XMT-O) tool, MMS authoring tool, Java multimedia application authoring tool, and so on.

3TMAN Authoring Scheme

3TMAN has following main features:

  • An editor and player integrated approach that allows to author and immediately verify the multimedia presentations;

  • An easy approach to author the complex and sophisticated multimedia presentations for several multimedia platforms including SMIL, HTML+Time, HTML, XMT-O, and java Applet/application;

  • An open capacity for authoring several multimedia application types including family presentation, Karaokes, courseware, talk, document, test, news, game, etc.;

  • An easy approach to design easily and quickly many complex multimedia objects such as Menu, Button, Radio Button, Toggle Button, Command Bar, Animation/Transition, and so on, in the manner of direct manipulation and WYSIWYG;

  • An easy way to make fine-grained integrations such as auto-talks, Karaokes, news, etc.;

  • A graphical interface for analyzing and describing the media content for authoring multimedia;

  • Supporting both MOUSE and KEYBOARD interactions with multimedia applications (see demos);

  • Applying the advanced synchronisation, integration and interaction multimedia models of SMIL standard technology from W3C;

  • Providing an interface allowing to hide the complex technics of SMIL from the users;

  • Providing an advanced interface allowing to easily author the complex SMIL animations.

You can find a white paper that will describe more detail about this authoring tool.

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